The Impact Of Smoking Cigarettes For Health

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Smoking has become a routine for active smokers. No matter where and who’s around when you’re smoking. Smoking themselves leaving odors and toxins in clothes, room and the objects around smokers. The cigarette burned will leave the nicotine in the room, of course this is a danger.

Whereas nicotine alone can be located on the surface of the objects for days. The surface of the plastered toxic substances it will certainly be very dangerous if touched by the fingers of a toddler.

Of course smoking is carcinogenic where carcinogenic substances arises from the property that has not been burned or smoking cigarettes or so-called tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs).
TSNAs is rapidly formed in the room/in the house that is used for smoking. The traces left on the smoker when smoking will form a toxic substance which is then attached to the furniture in the house.
If in the house there are children, it would be dangerous because it has a close contact with the furnishing of the house and not realize the toxic substances that stick.

Substances the rest of the rooms in smokers who smoke in the house will last a long time up to tens of years, and the number of levels of toxins that are stored in the home will continue to grow. Things that cause anyone can be exposed to impact.

The environment in any house becomes unhealthy because it has been exposed to the results of smoking in the house. One of the substances known to be carcinogenic and can be stored in the environment for many years was the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

This component absorbs into the surface of the existing in the house such as walls, furniture, and objects made of gypsum as well as carpet inside the house.

The impact on the environment with the presence of a smoker in the house is cancer even increase the risk of cancer in nonperokok/passive smoking in the house because it was contamination of the substances nicotine on in a home.

Exposure to substances the rest of the rooms on the activity of the rooms in the home can also trigger inflammatory lungs can result in pulmonary disease obstruction chronic (COPD) and asthma, as well as inhibit the wound healing on the surface of the skin.

The impact of this is of course not only be felt by the smoker but also on third hand smoke or third person.
This third person is usually the children who lived in the home environment of the smoker. The dangers of smoking to-3 (third-hand smoke), among others :

Lead to more cases of cancer
Damage DNA
Form carcinogenic
Threatening the health of the child


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